Our signature line, Lydexar Professional, was developed by a doctor, for doctors and pharmacies. Like all of our products, each batch is double tested for consistency and purity.  You can view some of our lab tests here.

With tincture strengths ranging from 500-3000mg, you can always find the right strength for your needs.  You’ll find no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners in any of our  products. Also included in this line is our most popular product, Freeze Gel.

Are you a doctor or pharmacy looking for a reliable brand?  Learn more here.

After we created Lydexar Professional, many retailers asked if they could carry our products.  Wanting to keep our Professional line for pharmacies and healthcare providers, we created Zoe CBD for general retail.  You’ll find 500mg tinctures, 750mg topical gel, Gummies, and Epsom Salts.

You get the exact same quality and thorough testing as the Professional line in strengths we feel safe for retails stores.

Are you a retail store owner looking or a safe, trustworthy brand of hemp-derived CBD products?  Learn more here.

Lydexar Fitness has a mix of products from the Pro and Zoe lines and includes our Freeze Gel and Epsom Salts.  Great after a hard workout or to just relax.

While oral CBD has been reported to help with inflammation and workout recovery, we know gym owners don’t have time to teach every client about CBD, so our Fitness line is a simple way they can help their client and introduce the to Lydexar.

Are you a gym owner or a personal trainer and want to carry or recommend our products?  learn more here

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