Doctor-formulated CBD Products:

Passionately and positively impact your health.


Our signature line, developed by a doctor for doctors and pharmacists, so that they would have a brand they could trust for their patients. The professional line offers higher concentrations for those who need it.

Our popular topical Freeze Gel and Epsom Salts are now available for gyms and personal trainers. Offer your clients the brand trusted by doctors and pharmacies.

In Greek, Zoe means ‘life’, which is a fitting name for our general retail line of products for your every day life. This line, designed for any retail location, includes tinctures, Epsom Salts and Vegan Gummies.

Trusted by doctors and pharmacists

Dr Joe Cangas is a board certified physician and US Army veteran who focuses his practices on nutrition and natural​ wellness, before medication. He owns and practices at Ideal Pediatrics and Whole Child Pediatrics. As his patients came to him asking for recommendations regarding hemp CBD oils, he began to research its uses and safety. 

“My husband has been having knee pain and it hurts to go up and down the stairs. He’s been taking the gummies and he can now run up and down the stairs with no pain!

– Linda

Become a Brand Ambassador

Are you looking for a brand you can trust for your patients and customers?  You can carry the brand trusted by doctors and pharmacists and buy at wholesale prices.  Or you can join our online referral program and earn 25% of any referrals you send our way.  Or you can do both.

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